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Stub Generator

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Automated generation of Safe-DS stubs for Python libraries.


Get the latest version from PyPI:

pip install safe-ds-stubgen


To run this program:

usage: safe-ds-stubgen [-h] [-v] -p PACKAGE [-s SRC] -o OUT [--docstyle {PLAINTEXT,EPYDOC,GOOGLE,NUMPYDOC,REST}] [-tr] [-nc]

Analyze Python code.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         show info messages
  -p PACKAGE, --package PACKAGE
                        The name of the package.
  -s SRC, --src SRC     Source directory containing the Python code of the package.
  -o OUT, --out OUT     Output directory.
                        The docstring style.
  -tr, --testrun        Set this flag if files in /test or /tests directories should be included.
  -nc, --naming_convert
                        Set this flag if the name identifiers should be converted to Safe-DS standard (UpperCamelCase for classes and camelCase for everything else).


You can find the full documentation here.


We welcome contributions from everyone. As a starting point, check the following resources:

If you need further help, please use our discussion forum.